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Managing Migraine: A Patient's Guide to Successful Migraine Care

By Teri Robert, Lead Expert – 

Four well known and respected professionals in the Migraine and headache field —Dr. Roger Cady, Dr. Richard Lipton, Dr. Kathleen Farmer, and Dr. Marcelo Bigal — have teamed up to bring us a pair of books meant to "improve the quality of communication between healthcare professionals and their patients."2  

"Managing Migraine: A Patient's Guide to Successful Migraine Care," is a compact, 95-page, spiral-bound book for patients. Its eight chapters reflect quite well the most basic questions patients generally have about their Migraines, working with their doctors, and their Medications:  

  1. What Causes My Migraines?
  2. What Kind of Headache Do I Have?
  3. What Should I Expect at My Initial Visit?
  4. How Can I Make the Best Use of My Follow-up Appointments?
  5. Taking Control of Migraine Medications
  6. Becoming a Migraine Manager
  7. Learning New Communication and Behavioral Skills
  8. Building a Migraine Toolbox

The appendices offered in the book are quite helpful:  

  • Useful Tools for Follow-up
  • Learning Early Intervention
  • Useful Web Sites

Strengths of "Managing Migraine: A Patient's Guide to Successful Migraine Care"  

  • You couldn't ask for better authors to speak to this topic.
  • This book is easy to understand, yet it doesn't "talk down" to us.
  • Learning points are boxed for easy review.
  • Images and illustrations add to the points made in the text.
  • Chapter 8: Building a Migraine Toolbox is exemplary with questions and checklists.
  • This book is valuable by itself or with its companion, "Managing Migraine: A Healthcare Professional's Guide to Collaborative Migraine Care."
  • Great learning tools. Example: on page 75, there's an illustration to help remember symptoms of the prodrome, with a symptom assigned to each letter of the word Migraine:
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