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Kathleen Farmer, PsyD

Kathleen Farmer, PsyD, is the co-founder of Headache Care Center in Springfield, Missouri and specializes in biofeedback and pain management. A diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management, she is the co-author of the patient education book Headache Free.

She serves on the Advisory Board of Primary Care Network which is an organization of over 70,000 clinicians linked via the internet and dedicated to quality patient care. She has co-authored The Migraineur’s Guide to Migraine ( and Patient-Centered Strategies for Effective Management of Migraine. She has written book chapters on alternative treatments for disabling headaches, psychological assessment tools, and psychophysiological disorders. She has conducted research in the non-pharmacologic treatment of disabling headaches, with special interest in pediatric migraine and cognitive efficiency associated with migraine.